**Revamp RTI Update**

I wanted to update my blog with the results from my RTI for this exam:

  • Based on the results of this RTI compared to those from the previous RTI, I had a higher rate of students increase their scores. My mastery level compared to the previous RTI improved by at least 10%. It is also worth noting that with the previous RTI I only had students retest with a 69% or lower while this time around I had students with a 79% or lower. But still, more students increased their scores.
  • Compared to my colleagues, I had less students “master” the material with retesting, meaning they received an A or B. I’m not sure if mastery is something to look at when discussing retesting, but still my scores were lowers. At the same time, I had less students eligible for retesting; for two periods of world history I had nine students and for two periods of US I had eleven.

Overall conclusion is that RTI within the classroom was more successful for the students with more students passing. Whether or not Kahoot was the best option for review, I’m still unsure, but I think Kahoot alone is not enough. While my mastery was lower, my other colleagues said that they had trouble with classroom management on the review day since many students became bored. One colleague even made a comment about trying Kahoot next time.

Based on these results, conclusions, and discussion with colleagues, I have a game plan for the next RTI: I will do a blend of reviewing the study guide of the commonly missed topics from the test and then end the period with Kahoot. This will create an incentive for students to behave well in class and they will gain more knowledge to win at Kahoot.

Like I said in my previous post, you’ll never know for sure until you try. Now I know that Kahoot alone is not the best option for the students, but maybe blending it with the study guide will benefit students even more.


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