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Brushing Off the Cobwebs

That has been my school year so far. 
No, it hasn't been anything bad. But there is so much to do: New responsibilities at work. Finishing my Master's Degree. Moving. Trying to be more 'present' at home. Teaching. Grading. Lesson Planning. Taking care of my fur-babies. I could go on and on, just like anyone. 
Unfortunately, I have been neglecting my online #PLN. Ironically when I published my last post on August 11th, I was incredibly optimistic about my blogging plans for the future and I totally failed at it. So much so, that 'Blogger' didn't even show up in my suggested websites when I got on today. My twitter is pretty much in the same state. 
I'm so frustrated at myself. 
I know that I am not the only one to to fall off the grid when things get crazy. 
So this is me brushing off the cobwebs and making a conscience effort to be more engaged online with my #PLN. 
What do you do to tell balance your online and offline life? Any tips or ideas …