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When my projector failed...

In our technological world, you don't expect technology to fail, but of course it does. In fact, the most recent mishap I have encountered has been a failure of technology.
Last week, the bulb in my projector went out. Initially I wasn't too concerned because I didn't think a projector was that important to my classroom. In fact, as I've integrated more technology like Chromebooks, I began to see my projector as insignificant and now its seeking vengeance for my lack of appreciation. My experiences this week have been similar to when your power goes out or you injur your arm; you suddenly realize how much you relied on that one thing to do multiple jobs:
"Let me show you an example...oh wait..." "There's this funny video about this...but...I can't show you because I don't have a projector..." "That's awesome! Can I show the class...if I had a functioning projector..."
Throughout this week, I felt as though my hands have been t…