When I Took a New Job...

A few weeks ago I taught my students about choices; how unlimited wants and limited resources force us to make decisions. This is the basis of economics and dictates every person's life, whether they know it or not. Just like every other person, I too have to make choices in my life, whether professional or personal. So I'm excited to announce that this fall I will be teaching social science at Minarets High School!

For the longest time, Minarets has been my dream school with their deep integration of edtech and project based learning. I fell even more in love with it when I presented there for the Google Summit in May so when I found out about a social science position opening up I eagerly put in my application. I'm so excited for what the future holds for me at Minarets High School with all the new things I have learn, new people I get to meet, and new students I get to teach.

Despite my joy, I'm heartbroken to leave Woodlake High School, the place of my first real classroom, first real students, and first real colleagues. Nothing will ever replace my memories at Woodlake High School, including when I tripped on the first day of school. But I'm always pushing my students to challenge themselves and, as a teacher, its my job to model this behavior. So it is time to retire my tiger striped TOMS for a purple mustangs shirt.


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