THRIVE(ing) as an Imperfect Teacher

Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth by @aaron_hogan
During the school year, one thing that goes by the wayside is reading for fun. I love to read but its not always compatible with my exhaustion and lack of free time so my summers include a decent amount of reading. One book I chose was Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth by Aaron Hogan. Besides seeing my Twitter PLN raving about it, it also falls in line with the whole purpose of my blog; embracing all imperfections and failures that occur.

Despite the advice at the beginning of the book, I read through it in one sitting. But I didn't have a choice; it was so incredibly relatable and intriguing. Aaron Hogan brings up so many truths that go against go against every myth that I have been guilty of believing and he offers numerous ideas and suggestions to embed these truths into your mindset and classroom. But because I ignored Hogan's advice to read through the book at a methodical pace, I most likely missed out on some deeper knowledge.

So I've decided to take up his blogging challenge and reflect on each of the truths that he lays out. I'll be doing a separate post for each of the letters in his acronym THRIVE. I haven't decided if I will simply answer the questions he poses at the end of each chapter or if I will simply reflect on the chapter itself. Chances are I will do a mix of it.

Let me know if you've read or plan to read #teachermyth! I would love to discuss it!

Stay tuned for more blog posts!


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