Blogging Hiatus

Last September, I reflected on my goals and feelings about my school year school. With a focus on creating more authentic project-based lessons, my Google Innovator project, and my work towards my Master's degree in Educational Technology, my fourth year of teaching did end up being epic with lots of unexpected surprises. 

The biggest surprise of all was one of my friends and department mates was offered an incredible job opportunity, which he took at the semester. With this unexpected change, we gained a new teacher, class schedules were rearranged (I ended up teaching AP Euro for a semester), unofficial mentorships occurred, and somehow a student teacher was added in. All in all, Minarets and the social science department made this seemingly negative event a positive. 

This is why my last blog post was in February. I wanted to stay online and be as plugged in as possible this school year, but the craziness of the year got the better of me. But I'm back and prepared to not fall off the grid again. 

I'm also excited because I get to use this blog during my current course at Boise State University that involves blogging in the classroom. So if you are visiting because of EDTECH 537, I hope you enjoy my blog! You can check out the About Me page as well as a previous post to give you an idea of what my blog is about. 


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