Reading-For-Fun as a Teacher

Even though reading is my favorite pastime, it falls by the wayside when school is in full swing. That's not to say that I'm not reading, but by the time I finish reading all the blog posts, assignments, essays I'm too exhausted to read-for-fun when I'm home. 
Since reading is a stress reliever for me, I've tried to incorporate more reading into my every day life and the best way, for me, has been through Audible. Initially, I was against listening to books since 'that is something old people do' but now I'm hooked. 
  • I look forward to my commute. I've always loved having time before and after work to decompress and reflect, but sometimes it can get a little boring. I've even found I'm more alert and awake instead of getting lost in my thoughts. 
  • It keeps me engaged. As a teacher, its so important to stay relevant and connected to the world around you. It helps me remain 'human' and also helps me connect with my students even when I'm swamped with work and responsibility. 
  • It still challenges me. While its not exactly the same as reading a book, it still gives me the opportunity to grow and challenge my thinking. I still get transported into a different world that works with my schedule and life. 
I'm definitely smitten with Audible and the fact that it has kept me 'reading' even during the hectic school year. I never thought I would be that person who listens to books, but hey its better than not reading during the school year!

Note: This post is not being sponsored or paid; Its just my opinions and experience.


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