THRIVE Everyday Every Day

While many people believe that the best educators earn respect with grand gestures, Aaron Hogan disproves this final myth in the sixth chapter of Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth. He insists respect and rapport from students is gained through everyday interactions and gives simple ideas to implement every day.

Its so simple. You don't have to do anything crazy, invest a ton of money, or take away from family time. You just need to do a few tiny things every day that show students that you care. As someone who is not the insanely outgoing and goofy teacher who has no fear, I appreciate that the 'little' things matter. I always try to be proud of my reserved manner and find beauty in it, but I still find myself beating myself up for not being the crazy, energetic that the myth requires.

My three thing I plan to add into my every day schedule:

  1. Greeting students at the door - Hogan discussed how a daily routine or question will help you notice irregularities. A greeting is also a positive way to start every class
  2. Stop and talk to at least one student in my morning and after school walks to the office even if I don't know their names - This is a way to connect with a student, especially if they are one who doesn't connect very often with others 
  3. Provide positive feedback, even for seemingly 'minor' behaviors -  Hogan provided a powerful reminder that so many times students get a lot of negative reinforcement without any positive

I have reached the end of Hogan's acronym of THRIVE and I definitely feel refreshed. Its so easy to get weighed down by the doubts and worries that comes with being a teacher, especially those caused by the myths we believe. I definitely plan on thriving this next school year!


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