Full Disclosure

I explore a variety of topics on my blog, Celebrating Failure in Rm 23. I do not own my own domain and my blog is hosted at the no cost Blogger domain.

Making a Living
How do I make a living? I'm currently a social science teacher at Minarets High School where I teach Minarets Cs for freshmen, World History for sophomores, and Digital Journalism elective course. I'm also the CSF and NHS chapter adviser. While I am not paid, I'm also a Google Certified Innovator, Apple Teacher, Google Certified Educator, Pear Deck Certified Coach, Remind Educator, and Prezi Educator.

So, you’re a blogger, huh?
Yes, I’m a blogger. I started my Celebrating Failure in Rm 23 blog in August of 2014 and I don’t get paid for blogging, nor do I advertise on my blog – although I do post about items or products when I believe that they would be of interest to the general K-12 teachers. My blog is dedicated to my reflections, inspiration, and exploration of issues in education, specifically my classroom. 

Media ties: I have no media ties.

Stocks: I own no stocks.

Religion: I have never blogged about religion and I don't plan to, but I was raised as Protestant.

Politics: I am a registered republican, but I consider myself an independent. 

A Few Questions

1. For what other employers (or consulting) have you worked in the last five years?
Teacher at Minarets High School (2015-Present Day)
Consulting for Prezi (2016)
Consulting for Pear Deck (2015-Present Day)
Teacher at Woodlake High School (2013-2015)

2. What sort of volunteer work do you do regularly, if any, and for whom? (Please include any public relations, advocacy or advisory board involvement.)

I am currently a member of the Computer Using Educators (CUE) and International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) I am also a member of the California Teachers Association (CTA) and NEA (National Education Association.

3. Do you do any work paid or unpaid in politics or government? Have you done any lobbying of governmental bodies?

No, I do not do any paid or unpaid work in politics or government.

4. Do you have any financial investments or financial ties that may limit your ability to cover specific topics free of conflict, and if so, what are the topics?

No, I do not have any financial investments or ties that will limit my ability to cover certain topics.

5. Although we don’t regulate the activities of spouses, partners or immediate family members of our contributors, do any of their professional or personal involvements or any of their financial investments or ties make certain topics inappropriate for you, and if so, what are the topics?

My father is a retired LA County Deputy Sheriff. Beyond that, my boyfriend is also a teacher and my sister is a nurse.

6. Have you accepted any free trips, junkets or press trips in the last two years? Have you accepted any substantial free merchandise or discounts from people we might cover?

I have accepted the following speaking engagements in the past where my expenses were covered and/or I was given a fee for speaking:

National Spring CUE (2017)
CVCUE Fall and Spring Conferences (2014-Present Day)
Fresno GAFE Summit (2017)
Tulare Edtech Rodeo (2017)
Fall CUE in Napa Valley (2016)
Madera TechFest (2016)
LA County GAFE Summit (2016)
Bakersfield GAFE Summit (2015)
Central Valley GAFE Summit (2015)

7. Has anything you’ve written later resulted in a published editor’s note or retraction for deliberate falsehood or plagiarism or become the subject of a lawsuit involving allegations of deliberate falsehood? (If yes, please include details about the publication and your role in the article or story. If a lawsuit, please describe the disposition of the case.)

No (or at least not that I have ever been aware of). If I make mistakes, I attempt to correct them on my blog.

[Note: This page is an adapted version of one completed in Full Disclosure at Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org. It has only been personalized and the text largely remains consistent with the original used by Miguel Guhlin]


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