About Me

Hello! My name is Kaitlin Morgan and I'm a social science teacher at Minarets High School, a project-based school that is 1:1 with Macbook Airs. At Minarets, I teach Minarets C's, a course designed to help prepare incoming freshmen for high school, tenth grade World History, and Digital Journalism. I'm also the adviser for both CSF and NHS chapters on campus.

Throughout my five years of teaching, I've inevitably encountered failure. As a teacher, these failures are evidence that I am learning and evolving my craft, but as a recovering perfectionist these mistakes are embarrassing, unacceptable, and something I wish to avoid at all costs. Because of the disconnect between what I tell my students about failures and my personal beliefs, I decided to start this blog to force me to confront my failures head on. Maybe if I reflect on these failures, I will see why these are something to be celebrated and not avoided.

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